Medical marijuana recommendation for $25!

Valid for one year.

$20 renewal price available only for prior WeedRecs patients!


Get $5 back for referring a friend.

Best places to get your medical marijuana card
— DoLA, August 2017



Whether you need a renewal or you're a first-time patient, WeedRecs keeps its simple with a single price of $25!


$20 for prior WeedRecs patients

(including patients from BUD-EZ Programs) 


Why are your prices so low?


Only what you need to get your weed.


That's our motto.  We're all about the community, so let's puff, puff, pass the love and "pay it forward."


We don't see patients in a physical clinic, we keep our site simple, and we save tons of money. Instead of pocketing the cash, we pass the cost savings to our patients by providing medical evaluations and recommendations that are way better and way less expensive!

We also don't force our patients to buy add-ons they don't need.  California law is very clear about what is required to obtain medicinal cannabis, and we provide just that.  If our patients want their recommendation certificate to have add-ons, we can provide it.  The decision to pay more is the patient's, not the doctor's! our $25 price against anyone!


Our patients come first!

Check out what others have to say about us.

This is what I have been looking for, a real medical experience. Even though the process is online and over the phone, this experience was 100 percent more professional than anything that I have experienced in the past so far. The questions that I was asked are questions that only a true medical professional would ask while taking in consideration my issues, the past and what I am up against right now. They don’t try to sale you anything extra and my license was emailed to me by that evening. The doctor that I spoke to was a very informative and caring person and one that I would trust as my regular doctor. I will NEVER go to anyone else for my MM License other than “WeedRecs”. Thank you WeedRecs!
— WeedMaps, Hermosa Beach
I can’t recommend WeedRecs enough! The online process was very thorough but quick and easy. Dr. P called me to ask some questions and honestly, he was so informative and told me things about the meds I take that my own Doctors never told me. I was surprised by how knowledgeable and caring he was. I highly recommend WeedRecs and will be telling my friends to get their recs here! Plus it’s only $20.00!!!
— WeedMaps, Lakewood
Spoke on the phone then filled out information online. Staff is quite knowledgeable on laws as it pertains to individual patients rights. I definitely recommend Weedrecs!
— WeedMaps, San Diego


Top 3 reasons to choose


1. We have the lowest prices STATEWIDE for medical evaluations. GUARANTEED!

2. We work with top doctors that are specialists in their fields and industry leaders in telemedicine.




3. If you lose your recommendation, you can get a digital replacement...FOR FREE!

No stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks!
Some of that real sticky icky icky.
— Snoop Dogg

Indeed, only what you need to get your weed!