BUD-EZ upgrades

If you received a free recommendation from a dispensary or delivery service that belongs to the BUD-EZ Partnership Program, then you've come to the right place.

The email you received from WeedRecs serves as your physician's recommendation, which provides access ONLY to the facility that sponsored the "free rec."

Now, you can convert the "free rec" into an actual certificate that permits statewide accessibility.  The actual paper copy of the recommendation certificate comes with a raised WeedRecs seal and original doctor's ink signature, and is 100% guaranteed to be accepted at all dispensaries and by all delivery services.


To be considered a BUD-EZ patient, you must have received an email from WeedRecs that served as your free recommendation & granted access to a participating shops or services.

Please click the button below to open the form. Please identify the shop or service from where you received your recommendation and then,  complete the remainder of the form.