We Are Unable to Recommend You Medical Marijuana 

Because of your diagnosis of schizophrenia and your age less than 26 years old, you carry a higher risk than normal for developing psychosis after using marijuana.

If you haven't been diagnosed with schizophrenia, a psychotic episode from cannabis may be the trigger for the start of this disabling disease.

If your friends or loved ones have suggested that you receive a mental health evaluation, it is important that you listen to their suggestion.

At the present time, marijuana is not best for your mental health.

As an incentive, Weedrecs will refund all of your money, with proof of an appointment (or your visit) with a mental health specialist.

One of our doctors to further discuss this very important issue. If you would like, he will also help arrange for you to receive appropriate mental health care. Please reach out to us at hello@weedrecs.com