We Are Unable to Recommend You Medical Marijuana 

Recent studies provide evidence that marijuana eases some of the anxiety and agitation that comes with Bipolar Disorder. However, there exists significant clinical support that chronic marijuana usage causes relapse and re-hospitalization, with delayed recovery.  

The current clinical guidelines are very clear in classifying cannabis as a therapeutic to avoid in any patient with Type 1 Bipolar Disease.

While we appreciate that every person is different and psychiatric illnesses manifest as a spectrum, we cannot recommend cannabis for patients with Bipolar Disease unless we coordinate the therapeutic regimen of cannabis with your psychiatrist or mental health specialist.

If we are unable to discuss the role of therapeutic cannabis with your doctor, we can't recommend it as a medicinal agent.

If you feel our decision is wrong, you may email us at appeals@weedrecs.com for an opportunity to explain your concerns and possibly have the decision reconsidered.