Don’t Believe the Hype
— Public Enemy

We don't inflate prices with features or add-ons that are unecessary.

 That's bad karma!

In fact, we give money back to YOU if you refer a friend!

If they sign up, you get $5 off your renewal!  Refer 2 friends, get $10 off.   Refer 3 friends, get $15 off. 

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Here's what you DO NOT need!


$15 - $20 extra

Please be aware that plastic cards are often referred to as a "marijuana card", but NOT ALL PLASTIC CARDS ARE THE STATE MMJ ID card that can provide tax-exempt purchases!  

For more information on the MMJ ID card, or if you want to see if yours is a legitimate marijuana card, CLICK BELOW.


$20 - $35 extra

It is not CA State Law that doctor recommendation letters or certificates should have a raised or embossed seal, or an original ink signature! 

If your physician is licensed in California, in good standing AND verifiable, a signed recommendation for medical cannabis is all you need. That's it.

Wanna find out if your doc is legit? Verify the doctor's license and standing with the Medical Board of California with a CLICK BELOW.

Private Cloud Storage-96.png

Additional "cloud security" measures to protect consumers against the scrutiny of "Big Brother" and various other Federal government agencies. 

"Exclusive" data-base or registries that some physicians claim they must pay to be a member of, affiliated or associated with in order to get verified.