July 2017 update

June was a month of rapid growth and expansion that came to an abrupt halt on July 4th weekend when the traffic and demand for the lowest-priced medical marijuana recommendations crashed our site and support services.  

Fortunately, we've been able to rebuild our web infrastructure in a manner that can support significant traffic.  We've established a "fast-track" for renewals, which we now accept from any medical clinic.  Each track has a unique Online Health Questionnaire that is optimized to provide the best care in the most efficient and timely manner.

Please be patient...and kind. 

We're still catching up on patients and realize some cases have not been seen.   

We appreciate the demand, but keep in mind that we're a very small crew.  We are moving as fast as we can, and do so because we have nothing but love for this community.  Please be kind to us as we are providing this service to counter the greed and extortion tactics of many doctors.  If you feel you must give us a bad review during this period of time, we understand...but there's no need to hurl vulgarities and profanities.  We have feelings too.  Please be kind.

If you've filled out your Online Health Questionnaire (OHQ) and haven't made a payment yet, click below.

Please submit your questions below.  Our phone lines are direct to voicemail until further notice.

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