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While it’s entirely possible for those who smoke marijuana to conceive, studies have shown that cannabis does have a significant & negative effect on fertility.

Smoking marijuana has been found to make sperm less fertile and this effect is true whether it is the male or female doing the smoking.

  • The presence of marijuana effectively makes the sperm “high” and causes them to be hyper.
  • When women smoke marijuana, the active ingredient called THC can be found in her reproductive organs and fluids.
  • When sperm comes in contact with the THC in the female’s body, it has the same effect as when the male is the smoker: the sperm becomes hyperactive and burns out too quickly.

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Due to these findings, it’s highly recommended that partners trying to conceive avoid marijuana in both the male and female.

Should you get pregnant despite the lower chances of conception, you should immediately stop smoking marijuana, as it’s been found to lead to a higher risk of premature birth and dangerously low birth weights.


It is recommended that marijuana NOT BE USED in individuals (men or women) trying to conceive, during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding.

Regretfully, we must deny your request for obtaining a recommendation for medicinal cannabis.