Your payment is for a consultation with a Board Certified medical doctor that will review your responses to the Online Health Questionnaire.  Medicinal cannabis will be recommended only if indicated.

Payment does not guarantee that you will receive your medical recommendation.  You will not receive a refund if you are not approved. Rest assured that your medical records will be maintained in our HIPAA-compliant, secure system.  Any information you provide will NOT BE ACCESSIBLE by your health insurance company, employer, or any other entity. 


The actual paper certificate with seal and signature is guaranteed to be accepted at all dispensaries and delivery services through out the state of California.

Our new certificates have 3 types of automatic validation! There is no more waiting for the doctor to provide verification because the validation process is instant. 


Screenshot 2017-05-18 19.17.56.png

Online Health Questionnaire with Digital Certificate (PDF) 

If approved by the doctor, you will receive a digital copy of the doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana.


Screenshot 2017-05-14 05.19.54.png

Online Health Questionnaire with Paper Certificate (with raised seal and ink signature)

If approved by the doctor, you will receive the doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana as:

  1. digital copy
  2. paper copy that will have a raised seal and ink signature of your doctor

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We don't want you to pay extra money for something that you don't need. Some dispensaries or delivery services insist that an original recommendation with raised seal and ink signature be presented for access.  If so, or if you want to have flexibility to go to any dispensary or use any delivery service in the state, we recommend that you spend the extra $12, which covers materials, service time and postage.  We'll send you the actual recommendation certificate with a raised seal and original signature, and you should receive it in 2-3 days by US mail (faster service available).

Just so you are aware and informed, neither the California Medical Board nor any other regulatory agency requires that recommendation certificates display any embossment or seal.  In fact, there is no standardized or uniform seal! That's why different recommendations from different doctors have different seals!  THE DIGITAL COPY THAT YOU RECEIVE BY EMAIL SHOULD BE ALL YOU NEED TO GET YOUR WEED!


For more information, please check the Myths and Misconceptions section of our site: https://www.weedrecs.com/myth/